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As a longtime resident of Congressional District 7, I have seen it change and evolve; just like our state and country. One thing that hasn’t changed is the fundamental values that we hold true — fiscal responsibility, personal liberty, and strong families.

It’s clear we need a representative in Congress who will be a true voice for the district – one who understands the concerns and problems the people in Congressional District 7 face every day.

Given my years of experience as an accountant and small business owner I understand how overreaching our government can be. As the former Mayor of Bellaire, I applied the principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility and transparency. As a leader in numerous Republican organizations, I believe and have held fast to the values and principles of the Republican Party. As a long-time volunteer with local charities serving children, families and seniors, I have shown my commitment to serving the people of Bellaire and Houston. I have worked hand-in-hand with my neighbors to rebuild our community after flood waters have hit. I have the experience and knowledge to represent and fight on your behalf in Washington.

It’s time to take this district and our country back and elect a representative who will fight for the future of our families.


Thank you!

Cindy Siegel



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